Work With Me

Thanks for stopping by.  If you clicked on this page, you may be interested in how we could work together.  That is amazing – and if you have an idea that is not listed below, please suggest it by emailing me at


One Fit Nomad Purpose/Goal:

One Fit Nomad is a travel blog in the travel and fitness niche.  What that means is that all the content on the blog is related to healthy and active travel.  The goal of One Fit Nomad is to inspire and ignite a passion to stay fit & travel often.

Audience Overview / Interests:

Those that are visiting One Fit Nomad have interests in:

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Working out on holiday
  • Fitness holidays
  • Fitness hacks for travelling
  • Adventure travel (Hiking, Cycling, Diving, etc…)
  • Budget / Backpacker travel
  • Staying fit while travelling
  • Outdoor travel (running, walking, etc…)
  • Eating healthy on holiday


Let’s partner if you think my brand can connect and add value to your company.


1. Guest Blogging

Do you need an article written for your site in the travel and fitness niche? I can create great content for you on a variety of topics.  Below are some examples of titles that I can provide for your blog niche.

  • 10 Awesome Activities To Do In Singapore.
  • The Best Lane Swimming Pools In Chiang Mai.
  • Eat Healthy in Kuala Lumpur.
  • The Best Gyms In Phuket.
  • Healthy Hacks for Flying on an Airplane
  • The Most Challenging Hike in Malaysia.

These are just examples, but if you have some ideas, let’s talk.

2. Product Sponsorship

As a traveller and fitness addict, I love gear and equipment that is going to make travel and fitness easier and more fun.  In exchange for letting me try your product, I will write a review about it on my blog and share it through all my social media channels.  Let’s see if I am a match for your company and I would love to work with you.

3. Mutual Exchange

This can come in the form of:

  1. Offering some nights at your hotel or guest house in exchange for great reviews (if I like it, of course!)
  2. Are you a healthy restaurant? Let’s talk about how I can feature you in my healthy eating categories of my site.
  3. Do you offer adventurous activities somewhere? If I am also travelling there – let’s connect because this is the most exciting part of what I write about.  I love to share how to see a country by being active. Whether it’s a hike, a dive underwater or biking around a city.


Thanks for stopping by and, again, please get in touch if you think we can work together!