Gogokid is a newer online teaching company that has made its way onto the ever growing list of online companies. Gogokid is a 1-1 online teaching platform with an interactive classroom and dynamic curriculum aimed at connecting North American teachers with Chinese children.  Currently, Gogokid is offering a $300 signing bonus once you are hired.


What is Gogokid?

Gogokid made its way into the online teaching market in 2018. They are an online ESL school providing 1:1 English lessons with North American teachers.  Their clients are all in China and they are invested by Toutiao, a large content creation company based in Beijing. Toutiao are owned by ByteDance which is a massive Chinese-based technology company. All this to say they are adequately funded and have their eyes set to make a mark in online education. If you are coming over from another company like VIPKid (read my blog post about them), you will find a lot of similarities in terms of their policies and functions. They provide a more interactive classroom with more features than VIPKid but many teachers work for both and they are completely find with that.

What Are Hiring Requirements?

Their hiring requirements are:

Gogokid Requirements:
  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above
  • Eligibility to legally work in the United States or Canada
  • Minimum one year of teaching experience

In addition to the above, you are required to show up on time, teaching the prescribed lessons and adhere to their technology requirements, including good lighting, an educational background, use of TPR (Total Physical Response) & have props related to the lessons that you will be teaching.

What Can You Get Paid?

According to their website, you can make $14 – $25/hr. Their is a credit score system in place which dictates the bonuses you can receive. I will outline their pay structure here with a sample base pay of $9.50 / hour (which is what I am making).

gogokid salary

This is a sample pay chart.  I will briefly explain the Credit Score system below:

All teachers start at 100 points.  There are various conditions where you can lose points (ie: cancellations, Teacher IT, Teacher No Show, etc…) which are all normal situations to have consequences when teaching online.

You will increase your points by the following:
1. 3 AS_SCHEDULED classes = 1 point increase.
2. 1 5-star rating by a parent = 1 point increase.

Therefore, you could technically achieve 120 points after 60 AS_SCHEDULED classes, or a combination of less classes completed with several 5-star ratings from parents. (ie: 40 completed classes + 7 reviews).

Gogokid Hiring Process:

Their hiring process is fast!  I applied and was hired within a week.  At the moment, this is their process:

  1. Signup ! First step is to signup & apply – you can do that here.

You should hear back from them within 48 hours with a link to activate, which you must do right away.

2. Then, you will fill in your information: (Name, phone number, highest level of education, if you are legally able to work in the US/Canada, contact email, length of teaching experience, how you heard about gogokid & why you want to teach online).

3. If you pass the application screening, you will be invited to schedule an interview. You should receive details about the interview in your email within 48 hours. The interview is designed to help you get familiar with the platform and for them to see your teaching style and if you would be a good fit for gogokid.  Prior to your interview, you will have some materials to review and you can spend some time watching some videos online of how others handle the interview. I screen recorded my actual, live interview with the Beijing staff member & I will include it here:

After you complete your interview, you will be either asked to do another one, or you will move straight to ‘orientation & paperwork’ where you will sign the contract, create your profile and schedule your first class which will mostly likely be with a gogokid mentor who will help you even more with the classroom functions.

What’s the $300 Bonus About & How Do I Get It?

Many teachers have made the switch over to gogokid because of their attractive $300 signing bonus. However, this bonus does come with a few fine prints that need to be stated. I will outline the exact words from the company:

You must complete 3 As Scheduled classes within 30 days of activation.

Here are the requires for the bonus:
•1st $150 – finish 3 As_Scheduled classes within 30 days of activation
** This does not include your mentor class, which is often your first class. They must be 3 classes with actual students.

•2nd $150 – receive no review less than 4 stars from those 3 classes.
** You can receive less than 4 stars but if you only have 3 classes in 30 days, then you will not get the bonus. If you have 4 classes in 30 days and 1 has a 3 star, you are still ok.

Additional requirement:

•Must maintain Credit Score above 100 points throughout the activity period
*30 days of activation starts from the date you signed the contract.
*If you have completed 3 classes as scheduled, and you maintain your credit scores above 100 throughout the first month, you will receieve the new teacher bonus in the following month. Remember: Must maintain Credit Score above 100 points throughout the activity period.

Gogokid Schedule

So, what is the schedule like for Gogokid. When can I work? When am I most likely to get bookings?

Currently, the hours that are possible for bookings are:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00am – 9:30pm, Beijing Time (BJT)

That being said, you are more likely to get booked during the hours of : 6:00pm – 9:30pm, BJT, which would be 12 hours ahead of EST US.

The beauty of working for Gogokid or other online ESL companies is the ability to create your own schedule and work flexible hours depending on what suits your lifestyle and your current needs/schedule. You will need to be patient at first and be available during peak times so that you can get yourself in front of parents, but in time as your profile increases, you will be able to work other hours.  Upon getting hired, it is best if you can open your schedule for 2 weeks so that parents can see it during the “Booking Frenzy” on Monday’s at 12:00pm BJT.

Is Gogokid Right For You?

It is important to understand that Gogokid is a newer company. With a new company comes the potential for a bumpy road because everything they are doing is the first draft. The contract is the first draft and they had to redo the contract causing a lot of stress because it meant that people were going to lose out on the 60% subsidy pay that was promised. However, the subsidy pay was a marketing initiative to get an influx of teachers in the beginning days. Those days are over now but the new contract means that you won’t lose points on your credit score for not teaching a minimum of 1 class per week (which was in the old contract).

Also, their staff are still relatively low and small in numbers so communicate can be difficult and sometimes email responses take longe than people would like. However, with time and growth I am sure that things like communication will improve

If you are excited about growing with a new company and you are able to deal with a few headaches here and there and move passed some of the growing pains of a new company, then I would certainly recommend giving Gogokid a try. At least, get your signing bonus! Who doesn’t want an extra $300?!

How Can I Apply?

I have created this blog post for applicants and potential Gogokid teachers. I would love to be your referral teacher. In exchange for using my link, I will personally contact you and be of any help that you need through the hiring process. Please reach out to me by email if you would like any questions answered. My email address is: timgascoigne1@gmail.com

You can add my Gogokid Code after you have applied (as long as you haven’t already used someone elses) by adding : CTDWBRRA to the appropriate place under “Referral Code” on your profile / portal.

Please Signup here, using this link and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours. Happy Teaching!

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