Gyms and fitness centers are found all over the world, but using these gyms for free while on holiday can be a little challenging if you don’t know how to find them.  With a few of these travel hacks, you can workout for free almost anywhere in the world.  The best part is, you can save the money you would have spent on accessing a gym and use it toward fun adventures on your journey!


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I am a huge believer in finding a way to workout when on holiday even if it is just body weight exercises in your hotel room.  Sometimes these workouts can be difficult to form and execute because it takes some knowledge to know a good routine.  It can also be difficult to carve out the time and space to actually follow through with it.  If you are a gym junkie and enjoy working out in a gym then you will certainly find it easier to workout on holiday if you can get to a gym.  However, some gyms can be expensive but there are some ways to find free gyms while you are on holiday.



This is probably my favorite way to find free gyms while traveling.  If you use hotel search engines then you will almost always have the ability to filter your options to hotels that have gyms or fitness centers.

My favorite search engines for this are:


Agoda provides an easy search option for booking hotels with gyms & fitness centers. As you can see here, there are more than 500 options for Bangkok on my given dates.  A great filter to use to get your search down and find a great hotel gym for free!

If you would like to book with Agoda, click on the link to be taken directly to their site.


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Air BnB

As you can see below, even Air BnB has the option to filter your search results by Gyms and/or fitness centers.  Often times, this maybe a home gym in their apartment or it may mean that they have access to a gym which they can give to you for free! Fantastic!  If you would like to book with Air BnB, click on the link and you will receive travel credit for when you make your first booking. I also get a small amount of money when you book – it’s a win win for everyone!


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Finally, is another great hotel search option that allows you to filter by gym and fitness centers. As you can see here, there are tons of options for my stay in Shanghai when I filter by gym and fitness center.  Free gyms are available in many hotels! Book through and never worry about not staying fit while on holiday again!


gyms near me / free fitness center



My second favorite way to get access to free gyms on holiday is to use global access gyms that offer free membership to those that are traveling to their partner gyms around the world.  This is a terrific option but only works when you are already a member of a global access gym.

I have frequently traveled to Bangkok for work reasons and being a member of Fitness First in Malaysia has given me access to their gyms around the world.  By informing your local gym first that you are traveling they are able to give you some form of a “passport” which you can show in gyms around the world providing they offer this service.  For me, it has worked great in countries like Thailand and Australia! I have been able to workout and join all their classes for free while I was on holiday.

Here are links to 2 global gyms that provide worldwide free access to their members:

  1. Fitness First
  2. Anytime Fitness
  3. 24-Hour Fitness

I am sure there are others, and if you find some or are aware of more, please leave the info in the comment section!


Many gyms offer free trials to people who are interested in joining but would like to first test out the equipment and discover whether the gym will be a good fit for them.  When you are traveling, you can also take advantage of gyms that offer free trials.  Who needs to know that you are only visiting for a few days or several weeks? Some gyms like Fitness First even give you a 7-day free trial.

By signing up with a gym for a 7-day free trial, you are going to have to deal with sales persons working hard to convince you to buy their full gym membership.  This might take the form of having to sit down with them and go over the various costs, but if you are ok with putting up with this, then this might be a good option for you.


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This is a great option if you are on a short holiday and just need to get in a quick workout.  There are numerous gyms and fitness centers around the world that offer free day passes or a trial class.

Here is a list of a few of the larger gyms that offer 1-time trial classes:

David Barton Gym – US only

Equinox Gym – US only

Crunch Gym – US only

Fitness First – Australia


If you are into smaller, more boutique style gyms like Crossfit, Kickboxing, or Yoga studios then you stand a strong chance of finding that they will also offer you 1 free class or a 1-day pass.  Most of these gyms don’t offer 7-day free trials like the larger global-style gyms but you can still certainly inquire about trying a free class.


In summary, there are some great options for finding free gyms while traveling on holiday.  Use these tips above before you land on your vacation and you will be sure to have an idea of how you are going to get your workout in.   Never let traveling be a hindrance to your fitness plans.  You don’t have to be the fittest person to access gyms and fitness centers and you certainly don’t have to pay much money, if any, to workout!

Always work out in the morning because you get it out of the way and you have the rest of the day to explore, eat and do all the things you would normally do on holiday. If you leave it for the afternoon or evening, chances are you won’t do it.



1How to Find a Great Gym Anywhere by Travel Strong

2. Where to Get a Free Gym Pass by Nerdwallet


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  1. Never thought of looking for gyms while traveling, nor do I think I’d want to. We walk soooooo much on our trips, I wouldn’t have the energy to do that! #FeetDoTravel

  2. Great post – while I rarely find hotel gyms to be up to scratch (with a few notable exceptions), I usually find a gym relatively easily when I travel. It’s pretty easy in Asia and most offer day passes. I actually always find it harder in Western countries! You might want to add Virgin Active to your list of global gyms as I always use the Bangkok branch for free with my card (even though I am no longer a member…shhh don’t tell anyone). I am not a fan of working out in the evenings either! Mornings all the way!

  3. Some great tips here that I have not thought of! Definitely agree that you should do your workout in the morning, good intentions may be there but when the heat of the day kicks in if you’re somewhere hot or temptations such as an alcoholic drink or large lunch often creep into your day! Thanks for the advice, I need you to give me a routine that I can stick to 😀 #FeetDoTravel

  4. My husband uses your second tip. He is a member of 24 Hour Fitness and he is able to work out in gyms around the country. Cruises have their own gyms too. I know some people prefer gyms but it would be nice to have some idea of simple exercises that can be performed without the use of a gym (in case you do not have access to one). #feetdotravel

  5. If I don’t work out I’m the morning, it definitely doesn’t get done! I’m not a huge workout girl, but I do love to take classes. I hadn’t thought of seeing if I could get a travel pass from my gym at home.

  6. Trying to get a workout in at a hotel gym can be quite the challenge. Usually travelers will just leave their muscle building efforts at home figuring that they just won’t be able to get a good workout in at the hotel gym. Not so. But, you’ve got to know WHAT to do while you’re there.


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