I love fitness and I love sitting in cafe’s, especially when I travel.  It’s always great when you find a combination of both where you can get healthy foods, good quality coffee, and an awesome workout!  Is there such a thing as a fitness cafe?

Welcome to Rubberduck Cafe & Aloha Cycle in Plaza Damas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I discovered this place about a year ago and made it a place to get some work done while enjoying a good cup of coffee and you can’t forget about their delicious smoothie bowls.


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A fitness cafe or a fitness studio / cafe is a place where you can enjoy a good workout but also a good nutritious pre or post workout meal.  It creates an environment that isn’t just a place where people come and go quickly but instead provides a space for community, nutrition, and fitness.

Fitness Cafe’s are on the rise across the world and there are numerous reasons why they have become popular.  Generally speaking, people want to be fit and eat healthy today and cafe’s are recognizing that they can provide the nutritional part as well as the fitness part by teaming up with boutique style fitness studios, gyms, and other exercise-style companies.  Fitness centers and gyms are also providing discounts to clean-eating restaurants and giving customers healthy choices for their post-gym nutrition needs.  Rubber Duck is one such cafe in Kuala Lumpur giving their customers a place to get in a good sweat and later hang around in the cafe.



This fitness cafe is tucked on a side street of shop lots in Plaza Damas on an unassuming street and offers its customers a nice atmosphere with an open air concept that attracts families looking for something eat, fitness enthusiasts who are looking to have some pre-workout food and those small groups of friends looking to gather for a cup of coffee.

This fitness cafe offers a wide variety of healthy foods on the menu and your normal selection of coffee’s to help you wake up!  Kat & Lin are the founding ladies of the new-ish establishment in Plaza Damas and have gained popularity in the presidential compounds surrounding it as well as the larger Mont’Kiara / Hartamas area.  They certainly have their regulars, and they have many that seek it out because of word of mouth and they’re great reputation.

The cakes and baked goods look delicious but I decided to go for one of their most popular items on the menu which is their Sunshine Bowl.  Priced at only 18 Ringgit (About $4usd), it is a delicious and healthy treat that packs in all sorts of nutrients.  The main ingredients are a banana, pineapple, mango, chia seeds and some granola. Yum! Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Every bite was delicious and the mango smoothie base is a great addition to the layers of goodness on top.   It was filling and enough for an average appetite.  If you had just come from the gym, it may not be enough but their menu offers lots of additional foods to choose from so you certainly won’t leave hungry.  Perhaps you could try some of their add-ons or go for a larger item like the Breakfast taco with soft corn (18rm) or their Big Breakfast with all the regular big breakfast items priced at 30rm.

Their coffee was delicious and was served hot and strong!  They had your usual choices of espresso varieties but I opted for a flat-white – an espresso with steamed milk and minimum foam on top.  Nothing like it first thing in the morning!  The crowd started to pick up around 10:30am and you could tell that this cafe was popular and something that was beyond the normal cafe style brunch spot that you find around the city.  Many of their customers were either about to do a workout at Aloha Cycle or were coming for their post-workout recovery.  I didn’t get a ride in but I have had indoor cycling experiences in other fitness centers.  It definitely looked like fun!


Aloha Cycle, literally attached next door to Rubberduck is part of a popular and ever-growing list of indoor cycling fitness studios that offer something boutique and unique to its clientele.  There are 4 partners involved in this business venture and they offer a variety of class, 13 to be exact, depending on your fitness level.  There are 3 categoris of classes offered.


fitness cafe / indoor cycling


Intro Ride:

This is your basic class for those who are looking to learn the basics of cycling while also getting a good sweat on! This 45-minute class will work your body and bring you back looking for more!

Aloha Ride:

This 45-minute class is their signature class that consists of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and intervals with upper body strength training and a built-in cool down at the end.  Your mind and body will be satisfied after this class as you will leave feeling energized from the inside out.

Ala Ride:

This class, also 45-minutes, is a little bit less intense but has a big fun element with pumping music and speed training.  This class kicks the cardiovascular system into high gear and will leave you bouncing to the music even after class is finished.



1. High Intensity / Low Impact:

Indoor cycling offers high-intensity workouts in a controlled environment where you are not subject to high-impact elements that you would face if cycling outdoors, for example.  You will get the same intensity of a workout, if not burning more calories, but you can do it in a safe place which allows all experience levels to enter and be in the same class.

2. Ambience & Music:

Having a great ambiance and awesome music strengthens the bond between the mind and the body and provides lots of emotional benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily get outdoors.  Indoor Cycling is unique and it may not be for everyone but it is definitely worth giving a try.


What can I expect at Aloha Cycle?
  • great attention from the staff, especially if it is your first time
  • to burn a lot of calories (400-700  / class)
  • high intense music to ride along to
  • experienced instructors that will guide you along your ride
  • lots of fun!


If you are into fitness and enjoy sitting in cafe’s enjoying good coffee, friends, nice ambiance and quality food then why not check out Rubberduck cafe while you are in the Plaza Damas area.  You can also get your shopping done at the same time because the cafe is just outside the main shopping center.  This could make for a great morning out!


fitness cafe / indoor cycling


Want to check them out?

Address: 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Plaza Damas, Lot K-0-8B (Ground Floor), Dorchester Service Apartment, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone+60 3-6206 1832
Website: RubberDuck & Aloha Cycle


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