Hi! I’m Tim – One Fit Nomad


I help people stay fit and healthy while traveling.  I want you to discover ways to find fitness on your holidays and stay active and healthy while you are on the road.  Whether you are on a weekend camping trip, a 2 week trip away from work or a gap year around the world, I can help you with resources, ideas, and inspiration.


My journey into fitness was about transforming all aspects of my life and discovering how to be the best version of my self that I could be.   I created this blog because I also love to travel and have always had a fairly nomadic life, especially during the last 7 years of international teaching.   My desire is to always find ways to stay fit on the road and help you to as well.


Out of shape and overweight – Had a hard time on this hike!


Feeling more fit and healthy than ever before – First Spartan Race in 2017.


I was never into sports and I was never considered athletic. I swam and did competitive diving and gymnastics when I was in primary school and also played some tennis and ran track.  I never played University sports and I started really gaining weight around the age of 18.



I was never “obese” and I never really admitted to myself that I was overweight. I knew I had a few pounds to lose and I was ok with that.  I could run, hike and move fairly well so the idea of losing weight didn’t have a sense of urgency.   I ate what I wanted and inevitably started to notice the weight being put on.  I never went to the gym to workout and if I did it was only to do cardio and run on the treadmill.  That was the only thing I knew how to do.  I knew how to sit at a machine and move the levers but I never had a plan, a purpose, and a goal so doing that always seemed pretty futile.



Fast forward to 2013 when I moved to Malaysia.  I completed a health screening in China while I was teaching prior to moving to Malaysia and my weight was at 84kg with some high cholesterol.  This was a lot more weight than I wanted and it started to hit me that maybe I should make some lifestyle changes.  I joined a Fitness First gym when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur and that was the start of my fitness journey. I started with cardio, moved to fitness classes like yoga, body pump, and grit strength and started to really love HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) classes. After about 6 months of these, I paid for short bouts of personal training where I finally learned how to create a weight program for myself that would help me see progress.



The classes definitely helped me to lose weight and I combined attending those with eating cleaner and being more aware of my nutrition.  After knee surgery in 2014, I really took my nutrition seriously and became afraid of gaining more weight while I was immobile.  I started seeing the pounds fall off and I went down to a low of around 74kg.  I still wanted to improve muscle and strength and in 2017 discovered Crossfit.  Crossfit has helped me to see fitness in a new way and has given me a community-based approach to getting fit.  I have seen my strength and mobility increase and I love the well-rounded programming that Crossfit offers.



I am not a fitness expert and don’t claim to be, but I have learned some things along the way and I have a strong desire to learn and grow and seek out opportunities to Stay Fit & Travel Often!



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